NEW as of 12/20/04 Updates December 2003 up through the end of May 2004 (I'm working on the rest, hopefully by Feb.!)

to our pages about our Ukrainian adoption!

WE ARE HOME!!! We got back on June 10th, 2000 (4 days early!)

Thank you to the following people who made donations to the orphanage:
Tom at Carlyle & Co.
Beth Holloway
Kim Fegeley
Preston at Eckerd Drugs, McGreggor Village
Shawn at Harris Teeter, Hwy 55 West
Karen & Dennis Duvernay
Dr. Wayne Beavers (Dentist)
Sherri & Dave Whitehead

At the end of every page you will see this pencil. All of the smileys after it will be the same links to the same pages!

HOMEThis page. (updated 12/18/03)
GETTING READYMy notes from deciding to adopt up to traveling. (updated 5/15/00)
TIME LINEWhen everything happened. (updated 12/14/02)
PACKING LISTWhat we took. (updated 1/18/01)
WE'RE HERE!Hopefully, notes and pictures while we are there! (updated 5/30/00)
TRAVEL DIARYA diary of events from our travels. (updated 12/15/02)
LINKSLinks to other great pages. (updated 5/18/00)
WORDS TO KNOWA list of Russian words I use almost daily! (updated 8/13/00)
MOVIE CLIPSA few clips of the kids.(12/18/03)
FAQFrequently Asked Questions.(updated 10/15/01)
UPDATEWhat's happening now.(updated 12/20/04 *3 NEW so far!*)

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