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9-25-99 Went to an informational seminar at Carolina Adoption Services (CAS)

9-30-99 Mailed in agency application and fee

10-10-99 Went to CAS picnic in Greensborro, Gave them autobiographies and homestudy fee

10-20-99 Received "adoption binder" full of info and forms

10-21-99 Mailed I600A to INS with fee and fingerprinting fee

10-23-99 Attended CAS Pre-Adoption class

10-26-99 Social Worker Vicky begins our homestudy

10-29-99 Received appt. letter from INS for fingerprinting

11-1-99 2nd visit from Vicky, gave tour of the house

11-8-99 Got fingerprinted

11-9-99 Individual interviews with Vicky

11-11-99 My physical

11-17-99 Mitchell's physical

11-19-99 Hepatitis A vaccines

11-22-99 Mailed service agreement and fee, bought book from agency to learn Russian

11-29-99 Homestudy finished, e-mailed to us for review

11-27 thru 12-17-99 Watched many classes the agency sent me on tape

12-7-99 Received Ukraine packet from agency with Dossier info.

12-16-99 Got Criminal Record Checks and certified copy of Marriage Certificate

12-17-99 Got phone call that homestudy is complete!

12-21-99 Mailed other of homestudy fee to CAS, Sent 1 copy of Criminal Record Checks to CAS, Mailed homestudy to INS

12-22-99 INS received homestudy

1-12-00 Found out that INS hasn't received fingerprint clearance yet. Called FBI. Found out that it had been approved by FBI 12-4-99 and INS never received it!

1-18-00 Received I171H

1-19-00 Mitch got dossier authenticated at state level -appt. 2pm {I was in surgery!}

1-19-00 Sent dossier to Ray in D.C. to get next to level of authentication and Ukrainian Embassy authentication

1-29-00 Sent original and 2 copies of dossier to CAS to forward to Ukraine

2-4-00 Received dossier back from CAS

2-5-00 My parents & sister threw us a "baby" shower!

2-8-00 Sent dossier back to Ray in D.C. to be put back together (gromet had come apart)

2-10-00 Got letter from US Embassy in Warsaw, Poland stating that they received the cable that we were allowed to adopt 2 children and needed to know from witch country. I notified them by e-mail and they confirmed by e-mail the next day.

2-11-00 Got dossier back from D.C.

2-14-00 Mitch brought dossier back to CAS and had meeting with Tania

2-16-00 Dossier sent by CAS to Ukraine

2-24-00 Confirmation call from CAS that Dossier had been received by translator and had been looked over by NAC first to make sure it looked OK.

3-1-00 Translation is complete! As of today, the Dossier is at the NAC!!!

3-8-00 Dossier is approved by NAC!

3-25-00 Attended CAS class Beyond Basics

3-28-00 Got call to travel

3-30-00 Sent Ray Visa applications

4-1-00 Invite letter is here! Was faxed to Ray.

4-3-00 Got call, there was a paperwork error and now it won't be until May.

4-25-00 Something is going to happen soon!

4-28-00 Got call to travel, waiting for confirmation this time!

5-5-00 Got confirmation! We are leaving the 22nd!

5-7-00 Went to CAS picnic in Raleigh

5-10-00 Bought tickets!

5-12-00 Sent final fees to agency

5-15-00 Tickets came fedex today!

5-22-00 Leave for Ukraine!!!

5-23-00 Get to Ukraine!!!

5-24-00 Went to the National Adoption Center to be referred to Kharkiv

5-25-00 Went to the orphanage and met our kids!

5-30-00 Got the kids passports (1st time they were ever in a car!)

6-1-00 Went to court & were legally pronounced parents! Got Alek's new birth certificate.

6-2-00 Got Ana's new birth certificate & took custady of children!

6-3-00 Ana said her first new word!

6-4-00 Took the train back to Kiev

6-5-00 Doctor visit for exit check-up

6-6-00 State department. And Alek said his first new word!

6-8-00 American Embassy in Kiev. Fly to Poland.

6-9-00 American Embassy in Warsaw.

6-10-00 Fly home!

6-16-00 Ana's 1st ear infection

6-28-00 First American check-ups!

7-00 Lots of visitors!

7-28-00 Changed cribs into toddler beds.

8-27-00 Alek put 2 words together.

8-30-00 Alek got circumcised.

9-3-00 Ana (& Alek) had their 1st Birthday "party" (very, very small!)

2-27-01 Became American Citizens!

11-19-02 Got American "Birth Certificates"