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A list of what we took & some notes from after we got back. Under the clothes section L is for how many Laurie took & M is for how many Mitch took. Remember that we went in May & June when it was getting warm! I hope this helps those of you waiting to go. Sorry it took me so long!

We fit everything into 4 suitcases, 2 cary-ons, a computer packpack that we carried with us everywhere & a diaper bag that I claimed as my purse!

Calling card MCI
Copy of our dossier I took extra of everything
Emergency numbers agency & contacts
Alieve used a lot
Antibiotics never used but glad I had them
Aspercream used a lot, a must have
Band-aids never used
Benedril never used
Claratin-D used every day
Cortizone cream never used
Cough drops used some but translater used a lot
Dramamine never used
Glucose tablets would have used if I had carried with me
Melotonin used 1st 2 night
Neosporin never used
Pepto Bismol tablets a definate must have
Premisen never used but glad I had it
Saline same
Sudafed same
Tucks same
Tums another must have
Tylenol used some
Vitamins everyday

Kids Drugs
Pedialyte powder never used
Childrens asprin never used & have found out NOT to use
Dimatap We all used in Poland
Dosage chart got from Dr. at home. Very helpful
Fever & flu liquid never used but glad we had
Bathingsuits, L-1, M-1 didn’t use
Belts, L-1
Bras, L-2
Coat, M-1
Fleece tops / sweatshirts, L-1, M-1 used as jackets when cool
Gloves, L-1 no need in May or June
Hat, L-1, M-1 same
Jeans, M-2 could have used less
Long sleave shirts, M-5 same
Long underwear, L-1 didn’t need
Orthodics, L-1 couldn’t have walked without them
Pants set, L-2 wore 1 to NAC & 1st meeting
Pantyhose, L-3 wore only to court
Pj’s, L-6 too hot for most, lived in silky short nighties
Polo type shirts, M-3
Pullovers, L-1
Raincoat, L-1 used a few times
Robe, L-2 a must if you stay with a host family
Shoes, L-2, M-1 dress shoes are a must for court
Shorts, L-1, M-4 both wore on train & M almost every day
Short sleave shirts, M-2
Skirts (causual), L-3 wish I’d had more
Slippers, L-1, M-1 a must if you stay with host family
Sneakers L-1, M-1 an absolte must have, wore everyday
Socks, L-13, M-13 should have brought more unless you like line dried cardboard
Sweaters, M-1 didn’t need, gave as gift
Sweatpants, L-4, M-1 L wore a lot when cool
Tie, M-1 for court
T-shirts, L-7, M-8 could have worn everyday, wish we had more white ones
Underwear, L-12, M-12 same as socks
Vests, L-2 to match L’s sweatpants

Candy for Mitchell made for a nice treat
Cans of Tuna (with pull top) ate on train
Coffee (Big jar of instant) M had every day at hosts then gave them the rest
Cookies ate at hotel
Crackers same
Granola bars same
Hot chocolate didn’t use
Plastic forks & spoons used on train & at hotel
Sugar didn’t need
Batteries a must
Blanket (micro fleece) didn’t need
Books didn’t use
Camcorder w/ extra tapes & charger used 3 tapes
Camera w/ extra film used 3 rolls
Cards (games) didn’t use
Computer used to back up pics, show pics & play music
Converters for pulgs & phone jack a must have
Digital camera w/ extra film card I’m so glad we had this
Grocery bags good to have about 7-10 for shopping, we had way too many
Hair dryer didn’t need, hotels & host had. Depends where you stay
Journal didn’t use
Moneybelts - 2 wore all the time
Magazines looked at & gave to hosts
Names book a must
Needlepoint only used once, too preoccupied
Notebook used for journal & notes, had to buy a second one there
Photo album scrap book of kids future life whent over real well
Puzzle books couldn’t concentrate, only used once on plane
Russian books used a little with hosts
Sewing kit didn’t use
Sun screen didn’t need
Surge protector blew up 1st day
Travel alarm used the one in our talking translator that we carried everywhere
Tripod for camera used at orphanage
Toys for us mostly just wrote in journal & played with pics on cpu
Umbrella only rained when I left it behind
Vacuum bags for packing great for fitting a lot in your suitcase, hotel & host had vacuums we could use
Ziplock bags for packing leakable stuff & food

Barrettes & hair clips a must when you can’t wash your hair
Cotton balls
Extra contact lenses
Eye drops
Face soap
Hair brush
Liquid bath soap
Monthly “stuff”
Nail file / clippers
Nail glue
Nail polish
Nail polish remover
No water antibacterial soap didn’t use but glad we had it
Packs of tissues used a pack or 2, had about a dozen
Shower caps hotels there don’t give anything, not even shampoo
Toilet paper – 8 rolls & 3 travel rolls used 5 & started 2 travel size, you DON’T want to use the local TP!!!

Jewelry (worn at all times)
Earings 1 pair of gold & silver small hoops I could leave in
Necklace locket of my daughters
Watch double time zone cheapy watch
Wedding band leave the diamonds at home, almost no one has any

Kids clothes
A few special outfits in various sizes bought the rest there & took a few from donations
Hats people yet at you if the kid isn’t wearing one
Onsies used them as 1st layer and nap clothes
Shoes were too big, had to buy more there
Sleepers / Pj’s forgot & had to buy there
Socks brought a pack for each, needed more
Sweaters needed in Poland, 20 degrees colder!
Kid’s stuff
Baby Shampoo, Lotion, Soap, Powder J&J travel pack was plenty for both
Nail clippers too afraid to use until later
Back pack carriers a must for this age, don’t know how we could have done without
Bath towels & washcloths didn’t use but could’ve used some adoult washcloths
Bibs – 2 & disposable pack used reg bibs every meal, get long plastic kind
Books they loved the board books with bright pictures
Bowls w/ lids used at hotel
Brush & comb used brush, not enough hair for comb
Burp cloths used only to sit on grass
Cherrio’s & raisons loved them, used at orphanage a lot
Crayons used at hotel a lot
Desitin used most of 1 tube
Diapers – regular & goodnights, size 3 had to buy more in Kharkiv & Kiev, easy to find
Formula – 1 box of packets they wouldn’t drink it
Kiddie silverware used in hotel room
Musical toy big hit, should have brought more
Oragel didn’t use
Pacifiers they didn’t understand what to do with them
Rice cereal used in hotel room a lot
Sippy cups after they learned how, used them always
Snuggle Toy for each
Travel toys small stuff and blow up stuff
Travel wipes small packs for diaper bag
Wipes – 1 box just made it for 2 but only because bathtubs had sprayers, could not find more anywhere
Flashlight keychains – 10 1 left
Gift bags & tissue paper – 20 several left
Laserlite keychains – 10 2 left
Lipsticks – 5
Nail polishs – 5
Napkin packs (pretty paper ones) – 3
Pads of paper
Paper clips
Pens wish we’d had more
Sented soaps
Staplers w/ staples– 5
Wallets – 3 1 left
White out

Childrens clothes – 1 duffel bag full labeled groups by size before we left
Stuffed amimals – 2 dozen small
Fleece blankets – 2 ended up using as gifts
Small toys – 25
Bottles of bubbles – 12
Lollipops – 300
Fever & Flu liquid – 7 bottles
Childrens asprin – 12 bottles
Desitin – 4 tubes
Digital thermometers – 4
Bottles – 4
Child toothbrushes – 34
Adult toothbrushes –19
Oragel – 2
Childrens Tylenol – 2
Childrens Vitamins – 2
Dosage spoons – 15
Dosage droppers – 6



Background courtesy of The Background Boutique.