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Tuesday, September 19, 2000

This month Ana turned 2 & I turned... older! Their grandparents came to visit again and we were very busy learning the difference between hot & cold, on & off, now & later, same & different. They also started speaking in 2-word sentences! (Alek first, then Ana a week later!) We also filed to readopt them in NC, get American birth certificates for them & got them Social Security #'s!

Ana still hasn't had those teeth come in & I'm begining to think we've adopted Dr. Jekel / Mr. Hide! She's so sweet and cute one minute & the next, she's crying and clingy for no apparent reason! She has also started doing magic. When she has long sleaves on, she pulls her hand into her sleave & does the sound & face like "where is it?" then she pulls her hand out & laughs!!! It's very funny. She is also always tormenting Alek. Teasing him with toys & then pulling them away just when he gets interested. This month, he learned to do it back to her!

Alek also has grown another inch so now he can reach everything! Earlier this month, he figured out how to open all of the childproof latches on the cabinets & yest., he unscrewed the lid of his sippy cup!!! Mitch has started putting things so high that soon I won't be able to reach them!

We went to a picnic with many families that adopted from Ukraine using our agency & lots of families waiting to go. It was fun to see other kids with the same background and all the little girls were fighting over Ana. Alek was too busy playing with the ice & cups to care. Someone even gave me a wonderful gift! Pictures of my kids months before we met them! They were so skinny! It's great to meet people who were at the same orphanage before you!

We also went to the doctor for Ana's 2 year check-up & had them both weighed & measured. They have both grown (since we met them in May) over 4 inches & 7-8 lbs.! The doctor was very happy with their growth & development & spent extra time just playing with them!

To some it all up, Ana's going through her "how loud can I be" phase, Alek is in his "how far can I go" phase & they are both in their "NO!" phase!!! But for the most part, as cute as ever!!!