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More October, 2002
November, 2002

I called the Dept. of Vital Records to see if they knew why we hadn't gotten American Birth Certificates yet. We applied for Readoption 2 1/2 years ago. It turns out that they received our paperwork in August 2000!!! It's been just sitting in a file waiting for 1 more paper that was missing! No one ever contacted ME about this!!! {Wait, it gets better.} The missing document is a certified copy of the ORIGINAL Birth Certificates and a translation. Not the Ukrainian birth certificates that we have with OUR names on them. No, they need the originals that we had to have DESTROYED!!!!! in order to ADOPT THEM!!!!! Is nothing ever easy???

Anyway, I wrote this all in a letter and had it notarized and now I FINALLY have all the documents I need to enroll them in Kindergarden in February. Wish me luck, I here it's a nightmare to get into a good school around here!

When we went to have our family pictures done, I was so embarrassed! The photographer had us all posed and Alek points to a certain part of me and yells to the man "That's my Mommys boobie!"
Alek got a Craine for Hannukkah and when he opened it shouted "I'm so 'cited, I got craine again!" I think he thinks he was born in a machine instead of a Country! He also seems to think that everytime you go to temple you get Jewish, therefore, when you to church you get Christmas!

Ana loves to sing with me and now knows almost all the words to most of the songs from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! It's so funny hearing her say words like presumptuous, scrumptious and vernacular!

It's been an interesting year with many ups and downs. Alek is really into castles, Spiderman & Buzz Lightyear while Ana loves anything Princess, but I'm sure that will all change by the next update! Take care till next time...