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More September, 2002
Mitch finally discovered the secret to catching fish with a cast net... there must be fish in the water!!! Who knew?
The kids had so much fun and were always in the water! (I never got my bathingsuits wet!)
My Grandpa had Alzhiemers, Parkinsons, and several small strokes, then he got pnemonia. My mom and my Aunt flew down and I did get to talk and sing to him on the phone right before he died. My mom said he was breathing a lot easier when I did so I like to think he heard me. Now he's helping to take care of my girls in heaven.
October, 2002
We stopped at a motel in South Carolina and went to dinner. All of a sudden Ana yells out "What the hell's the matter with her?!" We almost fell out of our seats! Everyone was looking at us! We asked her where she heard that and she said that was what Peter Pan says to Tinkerbell in Return to Neverland. (not quite!) One day with my family and the child is swearing! Then after dinner she looks around and says "Why do some people have black faces?" I could feel people staring and so I told her that everyone is different and that makes them special. Some people have black faces some have white faces, some have brown hair and some have yellow hair.

At this point she stops me and says "I have yellow hair!" and Alek says "And I have an elephant nose!" ... We had no idea where this came from and told him he had a normal nose. He then reminded me of a conversation I had had 5 days earlier when he was in another room and I thought he couldn't hear me about when he was circumsized and because of the size of the foreskin the doctor refered to it as an elephant nose!!!! I have to start watching what I say!!!