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July, 2002
They may look really cute but this summer they developed a destructive streak that really got out of hand. After Mitch had to totally take out the toilet to pull out the toy cup and we had to cut a hole in the garage ceiling to pull the toys out of the central vacuum system (it took 3 days to get all the toys out!), not to mention finding Ana climbing on top of her furniture and finding them both out of bed at 2am playing in the sink!!!! I broke down and called the adoption agency (CAS).

I didn't really want to send them back but I was hoping they could give me some advice.

Thank you so much to Rosemary and Ann for going way above and beyond! They sent a social worker out the next day (on the agency) to give me advice (basically Preschool, more for me than them) and checked up on us several times.

I had also called Project Enlightenment which is a great resource if you live around here. They have a parent resource center that we've been to a few times. Thanks Michelle (who also recommended Preschool and helped me decide which one)!

As my girlfriend Stephanie told me (her boys are 8) "They are like two bodies with one big brain that only knows how to find trouble"!

August, 2002

September, 2002 We made cookies and my parents helped to decorate them. My dad kept hogging all the icing and I kept yelling at him until he wouldn't let Alek have a turn and Alek yelled out "Daddy, stop it!" in MY tone of voice!