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More April, 2002

The first picture is now on the agency info sheet about Ukraine. Don't you think everyone's going to want to go there after they see the cuteness?!?!?!

Mitch wanted some fish for the kids so now we have a 44 gallon tank AND a 55!!! The fish were only 2 inches long in Feb. but now in Dec. they are around 7 inches!!! And the kids pretty much ignore them!

May, 2002

Ana & I were doing our nails one day and Alek was bothering us. I told Mitch to take him outside and do some boy things with him. I was expecting to find them playing with a ball or looking at tools. Instead I find them standing in the garage drinking Dt. coke! (The kids are not allowed to have soda.) Mitch said this is what he does with the guys except he substituted the Beer! How sad is that!?!?!?

The kids finally became Jewish on our 2 year Gothcha Day. (See Conversion/Naming under updates!)

June, 2002

I had to have them developmentally retested to see if Alek would still qualify for speach therapy because when I called they had lost the paperwork (which is why I never heard anything) and by the time the application process was done, our testing would be a year old and of course, it's only good for 1 year! So by the time we reapplied and had the tests done (Preschool Services this time since now they were 3 and DEC is up to age 3) it was now 15 months later! Alek is no longer a year behind in speech but right on target! (He does do a few things that make him hard to understand at times but they say it is age appropriate for a boy!) And the high side of normal on everything else! Ana, who was borderline behind in several areas before was borderline advanced now! I wish I knew what I did! Anyway, their main overall reccomendation was Preschool.
They actually started in the Advanced Tiny Tots class and now they jump in with no vests and swim to the side themselves! Alek never closes his eyes and Ana even does somersaults on the way!