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Monday, October 15, 2001

My Grandmother came to visit for a week and we had lots of fun! We hung out at the mall, Gymboree, the pool and the museum. When Gram got home, she had lost 5 lbs. so her Dr. told her to visit more often!
8/14/01 - The day Alek learned the word "Why?" . . . Ana answers "'Cause!"
August 16th was Laurel & Samanthas 2 year Birthday and we finally got them their headstone. Click here if you want to see it. We are very pleased with it.
Alek calls her "Silly Peanut"
She calls him "Boy"
I was looking to get some exersise one day and ended up with a JOB! It's at Pulse Athletic Club. They have a Kids Club and I work there 2 mornings a week with my kids! They get to play and do crafts and I get to workout for free!
They love it now but it was hard at first. Alek would keep saying "I ready to go now" and Ana would say "Put that baby away Mom!" And they would tell all the other kids "This is MY Mommy!" But now they don't even cry when I leave them there!
We went to Lake Gaston again and when we got back, we moved Alek into the playroom. I was so worried about how they would react to having seperate rooms but they really like it. Ana says she's in Ana's room with her "own stuff"!
Ana turned 3!!!
She sings whole songs now and when she hurts herself now she says "This hurts Ana very much!"
They found a music box of Mitch singing "Happy Birthday" to me but the version about smelling like a monkey. For weeks I was trying to figure out whe they were singing about birthday monkies!
Alek will sometimes some out of the bathroom and say "Poo-poo not working, Poo-poo stuck!". And when you ask him a question he puts up his hands, shrugs his shoulders and puts on this I don't know, whatever face. It's pretty funny. Also, he will fake cough and say "Alek sick, Alek needs snuggle you." I'll say then go to bed and he'll say "Alek no sick anymore!"
The kids loved the beach even though it was too windy to do much. But they did get to eat lots of "simp & crap" (shrimp & crab!)
Mitch had his first alone time with the kids when I went to a bridal shower. It went really well. They all had a picnic of seafood in the swingset fort and then they went to bed!
We drive by this strawberry patch all the time and Alek says "strawbabies all gone, everybody eat them!" And when Mitch one time dropped his fork in a jar, Alek kept yelling "Get the fork out Papa!" but it didn't sound like fork!
Ana was pretending to talk on the phone one day and I heard her say "Papa?... Bring home the bacon!" And the other day she came up to me and said "Mommy, I got problems!" She loves to follow me around saying either "Why mom? Why" or "What are you doing?"
At the temple while decorating the succah, I asked Alek if he wanted an apple, he said "I no want apple, I want Beer!"
They both wear underpants all day long now with no accidents and they both seem to be facinated with money. When you tell them not to do something they say "oh" like they had no idea!
When Alek needs to poo he says his belly hurts, unfortunately he gets real loud in public! And whatever Ana does she says "quick, take a picture Mama!"
Ana has started to make up songs like her Papa does. Especially when I say something like "stop it". And the most amazing thing was one day when I was driving home from work, Alek says "wrong way mom, this way". I told him no but when I looked again, I saw he was right! I was about to go the wrong way! I thought it was a fluke because that intersection wasn't special, no buildings or signs but eversince, I say where we are going and which way? and he's been right 99% of the time!

So if they are so smart, how come they can't remember things like don't use the dolls head as a bucket and play beach in the toilet!?!
I think we are the only people ever to leave the fair to get some dinner!!!
And yest. my good friend Rachel got married and my parents got the kids for the day. Thank you Rachel!